Are home schooled?

In the past two years, homeschooling has increased in 120 of Virginia's 132 school divisions, including all but one of the 15 largest districts. Homeschooling is generally understood to mean that a child's education takes place exclusively at home, but homeschooling is a continuum, not an all-or-nothing option. In a sense, everyone is “homeschooled,” and the ways in which families combine learning at home with school attendance are many. Parents can choose to go to home school one year, but not the next.

They can teach some subjects at home but send your child to school for others, or they can teach all subjects at home but enroll your child in the school's sports or drama programs. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of homeschooling has become ambiguous, as parents mix home, school and online teaching, often adapting to the twists and turns of school closures and public health issues.

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