Where do homeschoolers take gcses?

Homeschoolers can take their GCSEs at a local public or private school or other testing centers, as long as they pay for themselves. Children learning at home can take the GCSE and iGCSE tests at test centers in the UK and elsewhere. We did, homeschooled international UK GCSEs from abroad. My oldest son now has iGCSE passes, we did this successfully using a variety of methods.

This post is about homeschooling at the GCSE or iGCSE exam level for British or international children who prefer a British education. This skill will keep them in good place, whether they are entering the world of work or studying the subject at level A. Oxford Home Schooling offers a wide variety of GCSEs (and IGCSEs). With eighteen different GCSE and IGCSE courses available, there's bound to be a subject that meets your child's needs.

Students don't need any prior skills or knowledge to start a GCSE. Our courses start with the basics and guide you step by step through each topic. There is no obligation for homeschooled students to take any standardized tests or public exams as part of their education, so no, you don't need to take GCSE as a homeschool student. She is about to take her ks2 sats, however, I have decided that I would like to take her out of school to homeschool her.

Another good starting point is to check out our homeschooling guide, where we have some tips on where to start when it comes to finding resources for your homeschool. British homeschooling parents simply have to provide a quality full-time education to their children, in other countries, there are strict requirements on curriculum and content. Starting tomorrow I'll take my daughter out of school, but can she still do her GCSEs at school if I'm going to study at home starting tomorrow?.

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