Will home school be banned?

Ultimately, in response to the question of whether there is a right to homeschooling under international law, the answer is no. Parents enjoy the freedom to raise their children in accordance with their religious and moral beliefs, and without unnecessary state interference. However, children enjoy the right to education. Both are important, but parental freedom cannot prevail over the rights of the child.

States should ensure that parents can exercise their parental freedom to raise their children in accordance with their religious and moral beliefs to the highest degree, while ensuring that this freedom never violates the child's right to education. The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which lists the powers granted to the federal government, makes no mention of education. This means that all power related to education is reserved to the people and the states, not the federal ones.

In the United States, on the other hand, 11 states do not require parents to notify authorities that they are homeschooling, according to the Coalition for Responsible Homeschooling, and many states that do require notification have few other restrictions. Yoder (197) that forcing Amish children to attend school beyond the age of 14 violated the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution. The coalition included leftist acolytes of John Holt, a former elementary school teacher who became disillusioned with the oppressive routines and rigid structures he felt characterized formal schooling. What has changed is the willingness of the state Department of Education (DOE), under the leadership of a left-wing ideologist, to use any opportunity presented to harass, intimidate and frighten parents into sending their children to public or private schools that have been approved by the state.

. Seen from this point of view, homeschooling is not taking a child out of society, but only out of state schools. Therefore, the minimum standards set to protect the goals of education are relatively weak, and parental freedom to homeschooling is easily exercised. In the United States, Bartholet says, state lawmakers have been hesitant to restrict the practice because of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, a conservative Christian homeschooling advocacy group, which she describes as small, well-organized, and “overwhelmingly politically powerful.

It may be less of a question of one question or the other, as homeschooling is combined with more formal learning contexts, whether online experiences, neighborhood groups, cooperatives, or joint ventures with public and private schools. She sees the absence of regulations ensuring that children learning at home receive a meaningful education equivalent to that required in public schools as a threat to the United States. State homeschool organizations have a lot of work going for them each year, both watching legislatures for bills that could affect homeschooling and lobbying for homeschool freedom. In addition, Smith wrote, a subsection of the education code provides certain exemptions for private schools from a law that requires teachers to submit their fingerprints to the Department of Justice.

Conservative Christians wanted the opportunity to raise their children with their values and belief systems and saw homeschooling as a way to escape secular education in public schools. However, because California law does not expressly say that “homeschooling is legal, the educational establishment insists that it is actually a prohibited activity. If homeschooling is to continue, those children should be evaluated at least once a year to ensure that they are progressing academically, meeting the standards set by school boards in their regions. Therefore, homeschooling is the only possibility for parents to defend their disabled children, mainly in the early school years, where the possibility of bullying is greatest.


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