What is home based schooling?

On the other hand, learning at home is teacher-based. This means that a formal instructor is responsible for the student's education. The teacher prepares the curriculum, instructs the child, implements deadlines, and trains and motivates the student. Washington state law recognizes the desire of some parents and families to seek home instruction for their children.

OSPI provides technical assistance to school districts that work with parents who want to exercise this educational right. Parents must complete Form PI-1206 each school year. The spectrum ranges from highly structured forms based on traditional school lessons to more open and free forms, such as non-schooling, which is an implementation of homeschooling without lessons or curricula. Remember that successful homeschooling, whether homeschooling or homeschooling, depends heavily on the support of family and the surrounding environment.

Jeremy Stewart is working on a study of families choosing educational alternatives, particularly self-directed learning at home. Homeschooling (also known as homeschooling) is an educational process in which parents or guardians teach children at home, rather than formally educating them in a public or proportionate school environment. Each school year, school district administrators are asked to complete the Home-Based Student Annual Report to identify the number of students whose parents or guardians have submitted statements of intent to teach at home for the current school year. The Department of Public Instruction does not provide personal consultation or technical assistance with respect to private home-based educational programs.

There are many public charter schools that offer more flexibility for students and parents, and some that cater to those who focus on homeschooling. Home Base is for families seeking a non-traditional, professionally staffed, parentally supported, and constant learning community for their children, where Positive Youth Development, Social Justice and Land Stewardship are the guiding values.

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